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Welcome to Mercedes Beans

A whole new coffee and tea experience!

Specializing in Fairtrade and Certified Organic Coffees! 

Owned & Operated by Anspayaxw Development Limited

Mercedes Beans Coffee

We specialize in Fairtrade Arabica coffee beans, from plants grown at elevations above 3,000 feet. Research has shown that coffees grown at higher elevations have fewer acidic properties. Less acid means more flavour!

 Some of our coffees are grown as high as 5,000 feet!

Our coffee beans come from over 20 countries around the world!

Custom Coffee

The roasting process has an effect on coffee flavour. Our roasting process involves green coffee beans being suspended in hot air, resulting in a uniform roast enhancing rich flavour. We tailor coffees to your taste, by micro-custom roasting  8  pounds at a time. 

Medium roasted coffees offer layers of flavour with a strong kick of caffeine!

While French roasted coffees eliminate the layers and cut right to the flavour!

 We guarantee freshness by roasting and shipping our orders within

48 hours!

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Owned & Operated by Anspayaxw Development Limited



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